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Tucked away from worldly distractions, a five-star getaway is surrounded by a treasure map of iconic landmarks and rustic beauty. Lose yourself in sights that inspire the artists, the lovers and the dreamers. Hit the road and take your soul (and your soulmate) on a little adventure. Overnight guests of Destination Kohler are invited to use a BMW courtesy vehicle during their stay.



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Explore Wisconsin

Three mapped adventures to enhance your ultimate getaway.



The Sheboygan County Landmarks Tour

Established in 1838, Sheboygan County is fairly quiet and laid back, but there’s an energetic vibe here that definitely keeps things interesting. From a world-famous racetrack to iconic historical landmarks, see what gives this place its heart and soul.

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Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive

This 115-mile drive crosses six Wisconsin counties featuring the beautiful terrain created by a series of glacial advances and retreats. On the drive, which is marked with green “acorn” signs, you’ll see moraines, drumlins, kames and eskers, lakes, bogs, wetlands, woods and forests, prairies and several historic sites.

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Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads

Created more than 40 years ago, the Wisconsin Rustic Roads program provides motorists, hikers and bicyclists leisurely travel through Wisconsin’s scenic countryside and the opportunity to enjoy viewing rugged terrain, native vegetation, wildlife and agricultural vistas. Today there are 119 designated Rustic Roads spanning more than 722 miles through 59 counties. The beauty can be enjoyed throughout every season. Here are four nearby tours to enjoy.

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