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Music Schedule


Friday,  June 21 

Ben Dameron (Jazz & Classical)​


Saturday,  June 22 

Garrett Waite (Acoustic Classics)​


Friday,  June 28 

Cordes de Lion (String Pop)​


Saturday,  June 29 

Ira DeBoer (Classic Country)​​


Friday,  July 5 

Anthony Deutsch (Piano Standards)​


Saturday, July 6 

Jamie Lynn Fletcher (Jazz & Pop)​


Friday, July 12 

Brooklynn Marti (Acoustic Alt Pop)​


Saturday, July 13

Cordes de Lion (String Pop)​


Friday, July 19 

Cordes de Lion (String Pop)​


Saturday, July 20 

Anna Marie (Acoustic Hits)​


Friday, July 26 

Hey Julie (Country & Americana)​


Saturday, July 27 

Patrick Van Bibber (Acoustic Classics)​


Friday, August 2 

Jamie Lynn Fletcher (Jazz & Pop)​


Saturday, August 3 

Tonic Roots (Jazz & Hits)​


Friday, August 9 

Cordes de Lion (String Pop)​


Saturday, August 10 

Jon Rouse (Classic Hits)​


Friday, August 16 

Jake Warne (Acoustic Rock & Pop)​


Saturday, August 17 

Anna Marie (Acoustic Classics)​


Friday, August 23 

Brooklynn Marti (Acoustic Alt Pop)​


Saturday, August 24 

Tim Wright (Guitar Classics)​


Friday, August 30 

Cordes de Lion (String Pop)​


Saturday, August 31 

Patrick Van Bibber (Acoustic Classics)​


Sunday, September 1 

Cordes de Lion  (String Pop)​



Anna Marie

Anna Marie a Sheboygan based Soft Rock/ Folk Rock Musician 🎶 •Singer/Songwriter• 🎶. Music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and more.

Anthony Deutsch

Pianist Anthony Deutsch interprets and performs a wide repertoire of jazz, standards and pop gems with flawless delivery and masterful technique. A true music adventurist at heart!

Ben Dameron

Ben Dameron performs classical pieces one never imagined being played on the acoustic guitar. Always classy and tasteful, Ben's passion transcends to a new level of art for the welcoming ear.

Brooklynn Marti

Brooklynn is a singer/songwriter and performer in Southeastern Wisconsin. Her genre consists of indie, pop, and folk, covering artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Adele, Ed Sheeran, and more.

Cordes de Lion

The combination of guitar and cello is unique and beautiful and creates the perfect atmosphere for any occasion with a shared love of well-crafted music and the ability to perform together with a unified sound.

Garrett Waite

Milwaukee-based guitarist and vocalist graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music in Boston and is now an established performer and composer similar in style to Paul Simon.


HEY JULIE combines the absolute best of Classic Country Hits, Retro Americana Road Songs & Singer-Songwriter gems to create an experience that lets the music listener sit back, relax, and hear stories through songs.

Ira Deboer

In the vein of such classic country artists as Willie, Waylon, Randy Travis & Roger Miller, Ira DeBoer is a true throwback country musician with a modern presentation. Wisconsin-born and raised, Ira's done the Nashville scene and understands the proper way to communicate with people both personally and musically.

Jake Warne

With soothing vocals combined with soaring melodies, Jake Warne is one of the finest music talents in Wisconsin. A human jukebox with a knack for passionate song delivery, Jake takes performing to a new level rarely seen these days.

Jamie Lynn Fletcher

Music has taken Jamie to over 100 countries, but she loves most her homeland where she won the Wisconsin Area Music Industry Award (WAMI) for Keyboardist of the Year, with many more keyboard nominations as well as Jazz Artist & Female Vocalist.

Jon Rouse

Jon Rouse is a Wisconsin-bred musician who performs classic rock hits with passion and energy.

Patrick Van Bibber

Patrick Van Bibber is a professional guitarist, singer, songwriter, and teacher wielding an amalgamation of folk, blues, soul, jazz, funk, and rock sensibilities, Patrick breathes new life into his selection of covers and music presentation.

Tim Wright

Tim Wright is an award-winning guitarist/songwriter/performer with a vast knowledge of guitar expertise with a plentiful catalog and the ability to provide an electric/acoustic listening experience.

Tonic Roots Duo

Based out of Sheboygan, WI, this group covers a diverse range of artists and genres, including soulful blues, jazz, acoustic rock, reinvented classics, and original repertoire.