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Patrick Beach

Core Control

February 3 | 5:30–7:30pm | $65

It is easy to think of “core work” as something that resembles an old pilates VHS that you often do at the beginning of every class to set the tone. While this may help you get the energy going it doesn’t give us much application as to how this helps us move and transition in the flow of a vinyasa practice. In this session, we will learn how to effectively use our core to generate the power needed to help us move from pose to pose with fluidity. Learn to breathe properly, build strength in deep spinal flexion, and create length through the back body to support each effort along the way.

Modern Mobility

February 4 | 10:30am–12:30pm | $65

Bring balance, awareness, and functionality to your yoga practice through this fun targeted mobility practice. Using a unique method developed working with students in one-on-one over the years, this practice is designed to help you create a bridge between your current flexibility and active range of motion. Learn science-backed methods for getting your body moving to stay healthy while feeling free to explore every step of the way.

Exploring Handstands

February 4 | 2:30–4:30pm | $65

Going upside down can be a tricky experience for anyone! There is a level of unfamiliarity that arises when the head is all of a sudden closer to the ground than the feet which can open up avenues for questions like “where do I go from here?” In this practice, we will explore many different paths to get upside down to help you move away from fear and find familiarity with flying the friendly skies. Handstand is a practice of creating comfort within your being in this physical position, come build trust and learn the skills to help you begin the process of kicking up or finding your float with press-based movements.

Sun Up, Sun Down

February 5 | 10:30am–12:30pm | $65
Sun salutations are a foundational piece of any vinyasa yoga practice, we learn the poses at the beginning of our journey and then play that pattern on repeat without ever considering how we can refine this process as our awareness evolves. In this workshop, we will play with a wide variety of Sun and Moon salutations to help create a solid and connected practice space moving forward. Learn proper techniques for these sequences, tips, and tricks for your natural predisposition, and identify how to work from where you are to create growth every session from here on out.