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Create a memorable Mother’s Day floral arrangement with the help of The Floral Team at Destination Kohler.

Make it Meaningful

Give your arrangement a personal touch by selecting flowers that speak to the things that make Mom great.

Peony = Devotion

Ranunculus = Attractive

Stock = A Happy Life

Pink Rose = Happiness

Astilbe = Patience and Dedication

Veronica = Fidelity and Love

Proper Petal Prep

  • Use a very clean vase or vessel.
  • Set the scissors aside. They crush the stem, prohibiting proper water flow. Cut stems at an angle with sharp floral shears or a knife instead.
  • Remove any foliage from the stem that will be under the water level.
  • Use warm to cool water to avoid shocking the flowers and to promote development.
  • To plan your presentation, make a tic-tac-toe style grid of floral tape over the top of vase or use a grid pillow or flower frog. 

Art of Arranging

  • Use a Lazy Susan to help view your arrangement from all sides.
  • For tall vessels the arrangement should be 2 ½ times the height of the container.
  • For smaller cubes and compotes, the arrangement should be 1 ½ times the height of the container.
  • Using odd numbers of the same flower creates a better balance which is more important and appealing than symmetry.
  • Before inserting flowers, create a good foundation with a design of assorted greenery at the base.
  • Seek out different textures of flowers to create enhanced visual appeal.
  • Begin by layering in one variety of flower at a time.
  • Continue layering in with complementary flowers making it as full and airy as you see fit.
  • Keep in mind that when creating a naturally carefree composition, there is no set design or precise flower placement.
  • Feel inspired and add your own touch by incorporating unexpected elements like fruit, vegetables, flowering branches or forage from your yard.
  • From a cluster of smaller vases, to personal pottery and unique vessels, let your imagination flourish.

A Lasting Impression

  • Fresh flowers drink more than older ones. Add cool water daily.
  • Keep the arrangement out of bright sun and away from heat.
  • To help flowers last longer, give them a sip of Sprite or 7up. The sugar will create carbohydrates for “food” while the citric acid helps prolong the life of the flowers.