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Woodlake Market Services 

Woodlake Market Services
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Meat and Seafood Services / Charcoal Grilling

In Woodlake Market’s meat and seafood departments, freshness and superior quality are key. We offer delicious take-home entrees, packing and shipping of special orders, all-natural and organic meats, and handmade in-store artisan sausage. All of our seafood is delivered fresh six days a week. Call ahead to place your order for convenient pickup. We’ll even grill it for you for just $10!


Place your order in our meat department (48 hours in advance, please) by calling 920-457-6570. Your items may be picked up ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat and serve. Home delivery is available.


Knife and Scissor Sharpening

Woodlake Market will sharpen your knives and scissors. Simply bring them to our Customer Service Center, and they’ll be fully sharpened and ready for pickup within one week. For pricing or more information, please visit the Customer Service Center or call 920-457-6570.