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Frequently Asked Questions
During Ryder Cup Week


Can I still visit the spa?

Yes, the spa is open to the public based on availability.


Are public guests still allowed to visit the hotel to tour on their own?

The hotel, due to security, won’t be accessible to anyone who doesn’t have a badge. Even staff will have to be on the schedule or security won’t allow them in.


Is the hotel parking lot closed to guests only?

The hotel parking will be solely for hotel guests and security. Staff will park at different location and will be shuttled in and out of premises. The parking at Inn on Woodlake and The Shops at Woodlake will be open for visitors.


Is Destination Kohler hosting any events open to the public?

Yes, September 22–26, Destination Kohler will be hosting the Kohler Golf Party at The Shops at Woodlake which offers free admission to fives days of fun, food trucks, live shows–and of course, golf on the big screen.