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Herb's Sunny Tomato Juice and Sunny Mary Mix.

Inspired and Imagined by Herb.

Herb Kohler, our company’s innovative leader for decades, was always intrigued by unique tastes and cuisine. So when it came to creating our Sunny Mary Mix, he encouraged us to start from scratch—literally from the ground up.

The Goodness in the Garden.

We’ve poured our care and concentration into growing the perfect Lemon Boy tomatoes in a quiet field in the Village of Kohler. Our small, passionate team spends countless hours planting and picking—by hand—only the most premium yellow tomatoes. Each one is assessed according to our exacting quality standards. Only the best fruits make the cut.


Locally grown, served fresh—the way it should be. This is the only way we make our Sunny Tomato Juice and secret Sunny Mary Mix.

Enjoy It Here. Or at Home.

Our signature Herb’s Sunny Mary cocktail is available to order at any of our resort restaurants. Or you can enjoy our juice or cocktail from the comforts of home. Just swing by Woodlake Market in Kohler where Herb’s Sunny Tomato Juice and Herb’s Sunny Mary Mix are available for purchase.