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The Power of Water

Experience the Hydrotherapy Circuit 
Hydrotherapy reduces muscle tension, relieves pain, rehabilitates injured muscles, boosts the immune system, and relieves stress. When utilizing the Kohler Waters Spa amenities, the following circuit is recommended.  


Circuit Breakdown:

  1. 1–2 minutes in a neutral (95 degrees) shower – rinse body and use your washcloth to exfoliate your body. Exfoliation stimulates the skin, increasing the circulation in your body.
  2. 3–5 minutes in the whirlpool – Moving from a neutral shower to the hot temperature increases blood flow, stimulating oxygen.
  3. 1 minute in the  cool plunge pool – During this time your body senses the shock and directs blood flow to all organs to “protect” itself.
  4. 3–5 minutes in steam room or sauna – Blood flow increases, increasing organ function.
  5. Repeat circuit between cool plunge and steam/sauna three times (alternating between steam room and sauna). Back and forth between hot and cold naturally stimulates the body, organs, and blood flow to help reset to a natural state.
  6. End hydrotherapy circuit in cool plunge pool or in neutral shower.
  7. Relax and enjoy a hot cup of tea or warm beverage to promote neutralization of your body.
Relaxation Pool

The coed, 11 ½' x 36' relaxation pool is surrounded by tumbled limestone with a hand-painted sky mural overhead, the pool features an elaborate mosaic tile design on the bottom. The focal point is an eight-foot waterfall at one end of the pool with seating where guests can rest and let water fall over their shoulders.

Rooftop Whirlpool & Deck

A coed lounge is located on the glass-enclosed rooftop deck with 16-foot fireplace, whirlpool, and skylights that provide a four-seasons view.

Steam Rooms

The steam rooms are Infused with eucalyptus which provides many benefits to the body, including stimulating mental sluggishness, relaxing muscles by helping eliminate lactic acid build up, and opening nasal pathways for deeper breathing. 


Located in both the men's and women's respite rooms.


The heat in a sauna may increase your body’s circulation. Increased circulation can aid in easing pain, reducing stress, improving cardiovascular health, and may help address some skin problems. The Himalayan salt wall balances and neutralizes the ill effects of the toxic frequencies we live with every day.


Located in both the men's and women's respite rooms.

Cool Plunge Pools

Cool water submersion causes your body a sense of shock and directs blood flow to all organs to “protect” itself.


Located in both the men's and women's respite rooms.


The Kohler Waters Spa Café offers great-tasting spa fare that both your taste buds and your body can feel good about.



Additional Spa Amenities
  • Men’s and women’s respite rooms, each with lockers
  • Use of plush robe and sandals
  • Relaxation areas
  • KOHLER® Showers
  • Complimentary spa water infused with organic botanicals. Use of cucumbers and mint helps your body better absorb hydration