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Exfoliation improves the texture of the skin, helps reduce lines, and allows deeper absorption of moisturizers and antioxidants.


Shaving is not recommended prior to body exfoliation treatments.
Body treatments are not recommended during pregnancy.




This CBD-infused body wrap reduces stress, soothes joints and tight muscles, and protects your cellular functions. Begin with a Himalayan salt and sugar scrub with CBD, a powerful detoxifier packed with healing minerals for your whole body. Our one-of-a-kind blend of amber and lemongrass essential oils formulated with CBD and traditionally mined Himalayan salt will leave your senses energized as impurities are drawn out and dead skin cells are exfoliated. While wrapped, enjoy a facial cleansing and 16-point acupressure facial massage. This signature CBD body treatment is completed with an application of our manuka honey body lotion, combining the gentle aroma of lemongrass and amber with endless healing properties, providing long-lasting hydration and leaving behind nourished, silky-soft skin.

50 minutes $187  |  Weekend/Holiday $217



Seaweed, a powerful hydrator with similar makeup to our epidermis, whisks away dull, dry skin to reveal refreshed, plumped, and glowing skin. The treatment begins with a dry-brush exfoliation to prepare you for the benefits of the wrap. You are then cocooned in a warm seaweed masque to replenish lost moisture and amino acids while promoting the elimination of toxins. Sluggish cells are awakened and revived. The service includes a facial cleanse, antiaging eye massage, foot treatment, and application of body cream.

80 minutes $210  |  Weekend/Holiday $240

Experience the healing power of vibration and sound therapy along with the use of traditional, hand-hammered Himalayan singing bowls. Enjoy a relaxing full-body application of CBD oil while our finely tuned singing bowls are purposefully placed to align your mind, body, and spirit. Chakras are balanced with the therapist using the vibration and sound of the bowls as a guide. This grounding and centering experience embraces sound therapy to awaken your own positive vibrations, leaving you feeling energized and reset.

50 minutes $183  |  Weekend/Holiday $213



This signature body wrap starts with a gentle dry-brush exfoliation before your body is drenched with a warm blend of oils and Chinese herbs. While cocooned in warmth, enjoy a scalp and facial massage to complete this service.

80 minutes $219  |  Weekend/Holiday $249



This treatment is the most thorough of body exfoliations and is great for the driest of skin. Warm oil and lime salts exfoliate and invigorate, followed by a rich shea butter that will leave your skin smooth and hydrated.

50 minutes $183  |  Weekend/Holiday $213



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