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Kohler Waters Spa Eyelash Extenstions Service.



This service relaxes the brow hair and coaxes it into shape. Infused with keratin, this treatment conditions the hair and adds a fuller appearance.

50 minutes $85 | With Brow Tint $95



Utilizing the newest and most innovative way to perform a lash perm, you will experience a lift that gives your natural lashes an illusion of perfectly curled lashes with added definition. A personalized consultation will help your aesthetician understand the look you are hoping to achieve, and our three-step process will give you beautiful lashes that will not need curling for six to eight weeks. Our lifts are keratin-infused to nourish the lashes, and a final conditioning step will leave your lashes soft and supple.

50 minutes $85 | With Lash Tint $95



Enhance the length, thickness, and color of eyelashes using Borboletta extensions and adhesives. Borboletta has earned a reputation for being “the healthiest” professional eyelash extension system. A full set of Borboletta extensions requires maintenance every three to four weeks.

180 minutes Full Set $330
50 minutes Maintenance $91



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