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Hydrotherapy Treatments

Hydrotherapy Treatments


Salus per Aquam, a Latin translation for health through water. Generally speaking, heat is used to quiet and soothe the body and slow down the activity of internal organs. Cold is used to stimulate and invigorate, increasing internal activity within the body. 




This treatment begins with a powerful aromatherapy inhalation session to activate the senses and energy centers. A full-body exfoliation infused with CBD will follow to further activate energy centers and relieve stress. The scalp is stimulated to prepare to receive Shirodhara. Oil is poured in a unique, ancient flow pattern for eight to ten minutes to stimulate forehead nerve nodes and balance the pituitary and pineal glands, all while you experience the restorative benefits of the KOHLER® custom Vichy shower. Drift away to the tunes and vibrations of our handmade tuning bowls, balancing the meridians and natural rhythmic flow of the body. Energy is restored, and the healing process begins with a CBD moisturizing application.
50 minutes $179  |  Weekend/Holiday $209




Designed for the avid spa goer, this Himalayan salt scrub increases blood circulation and removes toxins and inflammation from the body. While in a soft-sheet wrap, experience a salt stone facial and cool stone eye treatment while your body sinks into relaxation and your central nervous system is calmed. This Vichy shower experience will leave your skin feeling soothed and hydrated.

50 minutes $179  |  Weekend/Holiday $209




Experience natural, holistic products to refresh and replenish your skin and body from head to toe. Beginning with a full-body exfoliation, our espresso body mud will brighten your skin, stimulate circulation and remove impurities. The soft warm water of our KOHLER® Custom Vichy shower will rinse the skin and warm the muscles preparing you for a magnesium-enriched bath. Magnesium is known for its healing properties, making this bath not only relaxing but therapeutic as well. After your soak, you will return to the table where we will complete your service with a gentle, soothing facial and full-body moisturizing application.

80 minutes $221  |  Weekend/Holiday $251




Lavender and eucalyptus exfoliation awakens the body, and a warm rinse under our KOHLER Custom Vichy shower soothes it. This treatment includes a full-body moisturizer and warm stone experience on the back and feet.

50 minutes $187  |  Weekend/Holiday $217




Warm rain from the KOHLER® Custom Vichy shower gently falls over your body as your therapist gives the ultimate relaxing Swedish massage treatment. Your lymphatic system is stimulated by the movement of water for additional benefits. A sensory journey like no other.

50 minutes $179  |  Weekend/Holiday $209




Harnessing the healing powers of water, this treatment improves circulation and invigorates the senses while simultaneously calming the mind. Continuous warm water from a KOHLER Custom Vichy shower keeps you comfortable throughout as you lie back and enjoy a series of delightful experiences including a natural exfoliation, soothing lymphatic drainage technique and Moroccanoil hair treatment. Bursts of cooler water awaken the senses and refresh tired muscles—all while you remain warm and relaxed.

50 minutes $179  |  Weekend/Holiday $209




Designed for men, this warm KOHLER Custom Vichy shower experience includes hot stones on the back and feet and a full-body exfoliation. 

50 minutes $187  |  Weekend/Holiday $217




An aromatic deep-breathing exercise and a Moroccanoil hydrating hair masque begin this nurturing water experience. A full-body exfoliation followed by a customizable ambient rain shower calms the senses, and a RiverBath® soak will increase circulation and invigorate the body. Complete hydration from head to toe will conclude this water experience.

80 minutes $221  |  Weekend/Holiday $251



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