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Kohler Bathing

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Experience the benefits of bathing for improved sleep and overall well-being. A combination of mineral-rich thalassotherapy and moisturizing marine extracts therapeutically relaxes the body. Tight muscles unwind, senses are tranquilized, and the body is balanced from the inside out. Maximize the benefits by combining your bathing service with a massage or body treatment.




In Stillness, water, light, fog, and aromas converge to create an immersive journey of the senses. Worlds away from ordinary, Stillness turns bathing into a sanctuary for self-care and well-being. Enhance the experience with your favorite aromas or allow us to recommend essential oils. The treatment includes a full-body exfoliation, KOHLER Custom Vichy shower rinse, and moisturizer.
50 minutes $225 | Weekend/Holiday $255




VibraAcoustic® technology by Kohler offers a unique blend of music and sound vibrations for a relaxing bathing experience. A full-body exfoliation, KOHLER Custom Vichy shower rinse, and moisturizer stimulate and hydrate the skin.
50 minutes $225 | Weekend/Holiday $255




Immerse yourself in the nurturing flow of river currents and soft-colored lighting with the KOHLER RiverBath bath. A full-body exfoliation and moisturizer detoxify and hydrate the skin. 80-minute service includes massage. Also available as a two-gether service.
50 minutes $230 | Weekend/Holiday $260

80 minutes $305 | Weekend/Holiday $335




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