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Indulge in a full-body fire and ice experience under the KOHLER® Custom Vichy shower. As you enjoy the treatment, exfoliating mitts are used to remove dead skin cells promoting circulation. Additionally, a carrot seed facial oil will activate pressure points and restore your natural glow. Melt into the treatment table as peppermint-infused ice spheres energize your body. The service concludes with a rinse of warm and cold water, which is designed to stimulate your metabolism and boost your immunity, followed by an application of silky body butter for ultimate hydration.
50 minutes $225 | Weekend/Holiday $255




Cryo T-Shock is a noninvasive and natural approach to body contouring. By alternating hot and cold temperatures, this treatment can help rejuvenate aging, crepey skin and redefine your silhouette. It reduces cellulite, eliminates localized fat, and tones and tightens your skin. Your session will begin with a private consultation to discuss your concerns and target areas like the abdomen, legs, or arms. As the treatment relaxes muscles, speeds up cellular activity, and reduces inflammation, you’ll experience pain relief and repair in the treated area.
50 minutes $325 | Weekend/Holiday $355

80 minutes $375 | Weekend/Holiday $405




Pagani Cryo T-Shock is the leading thermal device in esthetics that “shocks” the skin by alternating hot and cold temperatures to improve collagen, stimulate elastin production, and brighten your complexion. In this introductory facial, you will receive a glycolic exfoliation treatment, followed by a brief skin analysis, and then experience our Cryo T-Shock antiaging treatment. A series of treatments is recommended for the full effects.
50 minutes $225 | Weekend/Holiday $255

80 minutes $275 | Weekend/Holiday $305

With HydraFacial $375




Experience the ultimate meditative manicure and pedicure with the Sound of Color. This unique spa service combines the beauty ritual of a manicure and pedicure with the ancient practice of meditation, creating a holistic experience that promotes both beauty and wellness. Our skilled nail technicians are joined by world-renowned meditation gurus who provide healing voices and visualizations, ensuring a tranquil atmosphere. Indulge in a perfectly polished look while satisfying your inner craving for relaxation and balance.
50 minutes $130 | Weekend/Holiday $160






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