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Experience the healing power of sounds and vibration therapy with the use of traditional, hand-hammered, Himalayan singing bowls. Enjoy a relaxing full-body application of CBD oil while our finely tuned singing bowls are purposefully placed to align your Mind, Body and Spirit. Chakras are balanced with each therapist using the sound and vibrations of the bowls to guide them. This grounding and centering experience embraces sound therapy to awaken your own positive vibrations, leaving you feel energized and reset.

50 minutes $175  |  Weekend/Holiday $209




Experience a pedicure like no other pedicure on the market. While enjoying a foot and leg exfoliation, let your mind slip into deep relaxation through a guided meditation via our Kohler customized virtual reality headset. Leave feeling relaxed and restored in both mind and body.

50 minutes $125  |  French Polish $135




Designed for the avid spa goer, this Himalayan salt scrub increases blood circulation and removes toxins and inflammation from the body. While in a soft-sheet wrap, experience a salt stone facial and cool stone eye treatment while your body sinks into relaxation and your central nervous system is calmed. This Vichy shower experience will leave your skin feeling soothed and hydrated.

50 minutes $177  |  Weekend/Holiday $207




Experience natural, holistic products to refresh and replenish your skin and body from head to toe. Beginning with a full-body exfoliation, our espresso body mud will brighten your skin, stimulate circulation and remove impurities. The soft warm water of our KOHLER® Custom Vichy shower will rinse the skin and warm the muscles preparing you for a magnesium-enriched bath. Magnesium is known for its healing properties, making this bath not only relaxing but therapeutic as well. After your soak, you will return to the table where we will complete your service with a gentle, soothing facial and full-body moisturizing application.

80 minutes $219  |  Weekend/Holiday $249




Originating from Thailand, Thai Massage is an ancient meditative, flowing and rhythmic massage which combines massage techniques with yoga like stretching. This modality works to realign postural imbalances, reduce pain and increase flexibility. The results are improved wellness and flexibility. All massage therapists are Thai-certified. Massage is performed on a massage table; yoga style attire is required.

50 minutes $167  |  Weekend/Holiday $197
80 minutes $217  |  Weekend/Holiday $247




Indulgent and luxurious. If you’re seeking relief from tight muscles, injuries, extra stress, or maybe chasing that post-yoga glow, take your massage to the next level with a deeply moisturizing CBD-enhanced treatment. 

50 minutes $180  |  Weekend/Holiday $210
80 minutes $220  |  Weekend/Holiday $250




This holistic skin treatment embraces beauty rooted in wellness, understanding that radiant skin reflects health on the inside. A customized facial with detoxifying lymphatic brushing, relaxing aromatherapy massage and targeted active ingredients, from plant stem cells to peptides, will leave your skin glowing and rejuvenated. Healing rose-quartz stone rollers will provide additional circulation, reduce puffiness and wrinkles, as well as eliminate toxins.

50 minutes $179  |  Weekend/Holiday $209




Combining sophisticated cosmeceuticals with microcurrent will deliver dramatic, visible results. A highly effective wrinkle eraser and serum will smooth expression lines around the eyes and the forehead. Face shapers and plumping hyaluronic acid filler serum fills deep lines around the mouth and cheeks to revolumize skin texture. Finally, a customized mask is applied to lift, firm and rejuvenate the complexion. Upgrade to 80 minutes to experience more antiaging benefits which include double exfoliation, LED light therapy and a cryogenic cooling lift-off mask to further enhance youthful skin.

50 minutes $189  |  Weekend/Holiday $219
80 minutes $221  |  Weekend/Holiday $251




Whether you’re looking for help with stubborn curves, cellulite, slimming or smoothing, you and your therapist will select the perfect wrap for your body. A series of treatments will optimize long-term results. An eye and foot treatment is also included in this service personalized to your specific needs.

80 minutes $204  |  Weekend/Holiday $234




A buff-off pumice scrub, followed by an age-defying seawater concentrate, remineralizes, strengthens skin and helps prevent cellular fatigue from environmental damage. An ultranourishing cream will seal in the marine benefits of this wrap to promote cell vitality and leave long lasting hydration results.

50 minutes $177  |  Weekend/Holiday $207




Personalize your pedicure experience by starting with a sensory journey with the SpaRitual body care line. These vegan earth-sustaining products explore a cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing path to reconnect the mind, body and spirit.

50 minutes $101  |  French Polish $111




Personalize your experience by starting off with a sensory journey with the SpaRitual body care line. These vegan earth-sustaining products explore a cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing path to reconnect the mind, body and spirit.

50 minutes $86  |  French Polish $96




Our most durable and fastest drying manicure on the menu. Enjoy a full hand exfoliation, followed by a hydrating arm and hand application. Complete this service with your choice of a CND Shellac Luxe color that will leave you with zero dry time.

50 minutes $90  |  Shellac Removal $46




Acupuncture has been the most used Eastern medical treatment in the world for over 3,000 years. This ancient Chinese therapy uses fine sterile needles inserted at specific points on the body to increase blood flow and move energy.


Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Research is clear that acupuncture is effective for reducing pain. The treatment releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killing chemical. In addition, the therapy reduces swelling and inflammation and increases blood flow and range of motion.


Acupuncture for Stress Relief

Acupuncture calms the mind leading to stress relief by affecting the part of the brain that governs serotonin, a brain chemical involved with mood.


Acupuncture for Insomnia Relief

Acupuncture increases nighttime melatonin production, improving the quality and quantity of sleep in those receiving treatments.

50 minutes $167  |  Weekend/Holiday $197
80 minutes $217  |  Weekend/Holiday $247




Acussage is a relaxing and rejuvenating combination of acupuncture and massage. Your therapist will guide you in selecting a customized service that addresses your specific needs through acupuncture and bodywork techniques such as massage therapy, acupressure, gua sha or cupping.

80 minutes $217  |  Weekend/Holiday $247




Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy meant to improve circulation. Following massage techniques with the application of oils, your therapist uses a massage tool to apply pressure and vigorously scrape sore, stiff or injured muscles to increase blood flow, improve oxygenation and release toxins from your body.

50 minutes $167  |  Weekend/Holiday $197




An ancient form of alternative medicine, cupping uses a vacuum approach to apply negative pressure to create suction. Your therapist will place suction cups on specific-need areas, improving blood flow, relieving tension and aiding in overall relaxation. 80 minutes includes a full-body massage.

50 minutes $167  |  Weekend/Holiday $197
80 minutes $217  |  Weekend/Holiday $247




The art and science of reflexology is a pressure point manipulation of the feet. It is performed to stimulate the therapeutic nature of the reflexes found in the extremities, bringing balance to the body by restoring circulation through the nervous system. 80 minutes includes customized body massage.

50 minutes $167  |  Weekend/Holiday $197
80 minutes $217  |  Weekend/Holiday $247



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