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administrative employees doing hand stretches

Corporate Wellness

A community partner with 40 years fitness and wellness experience. Staff and facility meet standards of five-star service.


Experienced in designing and implementing evidence-based worksite wellness programming.

Dozens of Certified Group Exercise Instructors and Personal Trainers offer innovative programming.


Menu of Corporate Services


Sports Core Membership
  • Corporate Discounts: Reduced Enrollment Fees, Active Member Rebate
  • Annual Free Access Week: For Employees and Families

For additional information about corporate memberships, contact Member Services.


Executive Edge Wellness Retreat

October 1

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Fitness Programming
  • On-site Group Fitness Classes
  • On-site Personal Training (One-on-One or Small Group Training)
  • On-site Fitness Facility Management and Wellness Program Administration

  • Functional Movement Analysis: Includes Functional Movement Testing and recommendations of corrective exercises.
  • Inbody Body Composition Analysis: Reveals body fat, muscle distribution, body composition history and more.

Wellness Workshops

‘Un-desk Your Body’: According to the Centers for Disease Control, the Average American is inactive nearly eleven hours per day, independent of sleep. The good news is that with short, efficient movement breaks throughout the day, you can “un-desk” your body and decrease the health risks associated with inactivity.


‘Workday Workout’: Getting the most out of the time you have.  Did you know studies show that even 5 minutes of movement can increase job satisfaction, productivity & overall success? We will share simple time effective exercises and movements that can be done throughout the day.


‘Mindfulness/Meditation Practices’: Meditation can improve health and reduce stress.


Wellness Programming

Healthier U: 10-Week Program Participants qualify for the program based on a list of pre-identified risk factors. This program teaches participants how to manage their health through education, exercise, diet modification and simple lifestyle changes.
Presented in partnership with Prevea Health.


Executive Edge: This 10-week executive team competition is an opportunity for corporate and community leaders to lead well, setting a positive example of health and wellness in their workplaces.
Presented in partnership with Prevea Health.

Bridge to Wellness: 10-week series promoting balanced wellness for cancer survivors with a focus on exercise and nutrition.
Presented in partnership with Prevea Health.


360 Fitness: 6-week series promoting strength building for women. Includes pre-post testing; functional movement & InBody. Education and movement twice a week. Topics may include Cardiovascular, Strength, Nutrition, Intensity, Heart Rates, Basic Nutrition, Choose my Plate.

Corporate Challenges: Customized challenges can be prepared and presented to you ready to implement based on the needs of your organization. 

Team Building

Pickleball: A paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but it can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. Best for groups of 4-24 people.


Express Sampler: One-hour experience of Pilates Barre / Cycle / Tennis (15 minutes each with 5 minutes between to rotate).  Best for groups of 10-72 people. 


Team Race Challenge: In this one-hour experience, participants are grouped in teams of 3-4 and compete to complete tasks in the shortest amount of time. This includes various physical or brain game type tasks. Best for groups of 16-32 participants. 


Post Workout Social: Food and beverage options available through Take 5 Café or Woodlake Market.  Rent the outdoor deck overlooking Woodlake. Studio or Classroom rental is also available.


Contact Member Services to Learn more about corporate partnership opportunities.